FIlm Distribution

We are distributors of films in India. We buy foreign film distribution rights from overseas entities and sell the same to Indian distributors as well as cinema houses.

While audiences in India queue up to see the latest Bollywood blockbuster starring Shah Rukh Khan or Aishwrya Rai, foreign films grow more popular in India every year.  Their appeal is mainly in the metros, it is also true that dubbed versions of these films, be it in Hindi, Tamil or Telugu have been doing extremely well too – and in non metro towns.

We are looking at independent cinema, small budget films to big studio films. Our main interest is in action and horror movies aimed at adult audience as they do well in metros and non-metro towns in India.

We sign an agreement with the producer, sales agent or studio, specifying the rights they hold in respect of each title – to release it in Indian cinemas; to promote it in all media; possibly to make a local edit, for example to secure a particular classification.

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