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2017 is the year of the cock in Chinese Zodiac. A cock crowing towards the morning sun is a suitable motif for the beginning of the New Year. A cock on a drum is called “Kanko-dori”, which is a symbol of peace. This is known as a Chinese legend about the drum called ‘Kanko’, which[…]

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We recently shot an commercial for Bianca Gascoigne’s club Gaslight of St James’s and this list provided us with a good visual reference material.
Warning, each entry on this list is accompanied by an incredibly NSFW video. Enjoy!

ERV, the travel insurance specialist, has launched its first ever TV advertising campaign with Guerillascope in support of its Medi-Care product. The campaign, which is scheduled to air throughout August and September, will be broadcasted on the likes of ITV3, ITV Anglia, Yesterday, GOLD, More4 and Quest as part of a TV advertising strategy targeted[...]

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