Short Film

In this mystery romance, rights of passage drama Ade is a 23 year-old Londoner who after breaking up with his girlfriend, finds himself heart-broken and alone in his apartment. Rushing through rainy, twilight streets, he accidentally bumps into an other worldly young woman who seems shocked to meet him. Captivated by her beauty he asks[...]

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A short montage of our video production work. Square Elephant Productions are an London based video production company and creative agency who offer a full production resource which ranges from video production to digital and print campaigns. Although our main current focus is the production of network TV commercials and fashion videos, we also produce EPK’s, corporate[…]

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Dichotomy : A dance film Director: Alex Ward Producer: Bonnie Ward Dancer: Peter Chursin Choreographer: Ludovic Ondiviela Camera: Alex Ward Ludovic Ondiviela Brooke Wendle Editor: Parag Sankhe Music: Autumn Music 1 By Max Richter
Actor Laurence Pears as jack

Inspired by a pivotal scene in Jaws, villagers are forced to call on the one man who knows how to handle a rogue, and very noisy, rooster. Rooster Must Die was Screened at 2012 Denver Film Festival on  November 3rd and 4th. DIRECTOR: Parag Sankhe PRODUCER: Debora Setnik